Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Time

I love the beginning of each month because it means I get to decorate our front room with the help of the roommates! I haven't ever decorated for spring, but I had a few ideas.
(Sorry for the bad camera phone pictures)

Years ago Nicci, Debbie, Lisa and I use to get together and paint on their dinning room table. This was my very first project. I haven't finished it, but it was done enough to add a little color to the fireplace. (wood connection)
I found these great egg ornaments at the Dollar Tree! Filled the jar with the candle full of jelly beans and tied a yellow ribbon I had around it. Walmart had these amazing yellow tulips for $5 so I couldn't resist. My two favorite things in one! I got some super cheap easter eggs and grass at Walmart. I already had the picture of Christ. Then I made the celebrate spring sign today. I got it from Poppy Seed Projects.
It all came together to form this! I'm really happy with it. Mostly I love that I spent probably about $20 to do it all and I can keep almost all of it for every spring to come!
PS...this post is basically so I can show my mom. I realize that most of you are not too concerned about what my living room looks like :)


  1. Cute! Maybe one day I'll decorate my living room through the seasons :)

  2. such cute decorations! i need to decorate for spring, i dont have anything.

  3. SPRING - love it!!! I should really finish mine also...Let's not tell anyone how many years it's been since we started that :)