Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Training

Well the perk about being at a year round school is that I get to take vacations throughout the year. This year I didn't have a big trip planned so I crashed my parents spring training vacation in Arizona! It's a good thing I'm really fun, because they were THRILLED to have me along for the ride! None of us had ever going to spring training and weren't really sure what to expect. As the (millions) of pictures will show....we had a blast!

We decided after checking in to check out the Scottsdale Stadium. My Dad is awesome and thought lets look at the practice field...oh wait the gate is OPEN. Lets run around on the field and get some of the team balls that are just sitting here. So we had a great time just being kids.

Around the corner was a little Mexican restaurant with this great donkey to sit on.
Of course we couldn't pass up the chance to ride the donkey!
Such a PRO!
Yeah we even got Mom up on it too!
Tuesday we headed over to Salt River Fields to watch the Diamond Backs vs. Giants.
Bloomquist signed the program for me. (He is really attractive!)
I was really impressed with the Diamond Backs players. They started at one end of the seats and just walked down the line signing everything for everyone. The little kids around me were so excited. They were really nice guys.
Just thought this was a cool shot of the pitcher warming up...
and the REAL reason I came to Spring Training....BUSTER POSEY!
and Brandon Crawford!!!
Salt River Fields
Just another Buster shot for you!
We decided to wander around old downtown Scottsdale. Such a cute little place.
They were a little hot and tired, but how can you pass up a photo op on a bench like that?
Random tower. My Dad got really creative with his picture taking with this one!
Wednesday morning we got up and headed over to Scottsdale Stadium to watch practice. I didn't know that we were going to just get to go hang out in there. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and all my favorite players were RIGHT in front of me!

Bochy and Posey talking between bats.

Tim Lincecum..this is the closest we got to him the whole week.
Wilson was probably the most entertaining at practice. He was all over the place. He was the only pitcher who actually did something. The rest of the guys just stood around laughing. At one point the slowest song came on over the radio and he joked with our section about how this wasn't exactly PUMP UP music.
Just standing around earning MILLIONS
My newest favorite player...Brandon Belt! This guy knows how to get fans. He was the ONLY Giants player that day to sign stuff. He stayed for about 10 minutes and signed everything. He was so nice and respectful too. One little boy was so excited because Belt is his favorite. It's moments like this that I'm grateful for players who still remember what it's like to be a kid dreaming of being a professional baseball player.
After batting practice we made the long trek out to GOODYEAR BALLPARK.
Aren't these two adorable in this picture?
We were pretty excited to be watching more Giants Baseball!
Once we got inside we found our seats and were hanging out. We were on the opposite side as the Giants. I didn't see anyone signing, but then I saw Crawford. I wasn't sure if I should make the hike over there or not, but I decided I might as well try. I tried and I succeeded! I got a ball signed by him. I don't think I cared about anything else the rest of the time I was at the game. The only downside is that if I had waited a few more minutes Posey came out to sign as well.

Action shot!

Buster and Crawford leaving after they got taken out of the game...
Thursday we had a night game so we took some time off in the morning to swim and go to Carefree, Arizona. I've mentioned it before, but my Dad and I LOVE small towns. Once he found a map of this gem we knew we had to go. We get a little too into it sometimes. My poor mother had to listen as we read EVERY street sign for about 20 miles :)

You better believe my Dad was slapping the horse's rear!
This sign pretty much summed up the week for me!
Who doesn't love a giant sundial?
On the map my Dad originally found it said this street was called HO street...of course that solidified our decision to actually go to Carefree...
We were sad to find out that it was Ho Hum Rd, but still loved it just as much.
Clearly this town was meant for us!
More practice watching for us! I couldn't get enough of it!
I have a thing for catchers and actually started liking Whiteside before Posey came into the picture. I got him to sign a ball too and then made a fool of myself in front of him. Luckily he had a good sense of humor!
(not my favorite 2nd baseman, but easy to recognize with that long hair)
Pill and Belt
Back Salt River Fields to watch the Giants and Rockies. It was an awful game. We lost and had some really loud, curse like a sailor fans behind us. We did get to see the Wrights and Ellisons though, which was a great treat. We joked that I know I'm getting old when I look forward to seeing my high school teachers! Love those two.
My Dad almost got to a foul ball. As he stood up he hit his knee on the pole though and came up with a "battle wound" instead.
Friday morning we went over to the minor league fields in hopes of see JT Snow for my such luck. It's amazing how many players they have out there though. I'm shocked by the number of people, fields, money, etc. that goes into making up a team. DANG!

Before the game we stood behind the dugout at our last chance hope of getting some favorites to sign for us.
My mom can chat it up with anyone. She still sports her Snow jersey too. Dedicated fan!
Our seats were in the bleachers which were very uncomfortable and squished, but we met some great people. There was a couple in front of us from Pengrove, Ca and then in front of me from Draper, Ut. We had a blast just chatting and watching the game.

We had a blast and clearly got some sun!
I'm super lucky to have parents who don't mind taking their single daughter on all their vacations! Where to next?

(more pictures from my phone to come)

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