Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Movie, A Play Date, and A Basketball Game

I spent the night on Friday with Allison! So fun and relaxing. We tried to watch The Holiday, but clearly we are getting old because we couldn't finish it. In the morning we woke up and finished it and then decided to throw in 27 Dresses. It was a great morning for movies!

Asher invited me over for a play date! I hadn't seen the little guy since Christmas. He was a little confused by me at first, but of course warmed up to me. It was so nice to get to talk to Claudia and just hang out together. We don't get to do that nearly enough these days. Seeing how we talked for hours it then became dinner time. Thank you Dave for choosing fajitas! Claudia and I ran to the market down the street and then they cooked up a great dinner while I got to hang with Asher!

Since it had gotten to late...aka 5:00...I decided to stay and watch the Duke/ UNC game with them. We were hoping for greatness, but quickly realized it was going to be painful. Down by 24 at half poor Duke just couldn't seem to make anything happen. It was an awful game filled with MANY texts teasing me about it. Good thing I can take it.

It ended up being a great Saturday even if Duke lost!

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  1. ok, I am still not on your blog list. Add me. lol I hope all is well.