Sunday, January 22, 2012


If you know me at all then you know that I LOVE my babies (who aren't babies anymore)! I love being an Auntie. It's basically the greatest blessing in my life. I thought I would spotlight the two oldest today. They are pretty dang cute and special.

Camden..aka Mr. Poopy Pants
This kid is the love of my life. If I never get married and have kids of my own I will just adopt him. I'm pretty sure this comes from the fact that I lived with him the first month of his life in WY. I spent every nap cuddled up next to him and gave him his first treats. We have a unique bond. He is silly and always makes me laugh in person and over the phone. He has a way even at the age of 4 of knowing exactly what I need to hear. We often part crying because we both don't want me to go back to Utah. He hates Utah by the way. He says it with so much hate. Ashlee why do you have to go back to UTAH? It breaks my heart. For Christmas he got me a heart necklace because he told Cami that I needed it so that I could always remember that he loves me...yeah he is precious! I hope he never stops loving me and wanting to snuggle up to me!
Kassidy aka Princess!
She is the oldest of the kids. She is adorable. I'm pretty sure she gets prettier every time I see her. She is a model through and through. I think it's because Jordan has made her pose for so many pictures. Even when I was in NC every picture she took of me she would pose me. Ashlee look over your shoulder. Ashlee move your hair. Its so cute. She is in Kindergarten now and I'm not sure how that happened. No clue when she grew up. She is starting to read and write. It boggles my mind. I helped her with her homework! She has homework! She is so cute with little Jayden and is such a good big sister. She is full of hugs and still will jump on my lap to hang out. She is becoming a lovely little girl.

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