Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Basketball Heaven

After Christmas break in California I made a trip to North Carolina to stay with Kyle, Jordan, Kassidy, and Jayden! I have never been to NC so I was really excited to get to see the place. I soon realized North Carolina is BASKETBALL HEAVEN! Why on earth don't I live there? I couldn't get enough of it on top of the fact that I was getting to spend time with my family. We did lots of little things and then most of our big activities involved basketball! Here is a peek at my fun trip!
Kassidy had her first basketball game! Lucky #10!
She was a little unsure about it at first, but quickly picked up the idea!
Kyle goes to UNC and is studying physical therapy! He is a rockstar! I don't know how he does it. I'm just so proud of him for doing so well. I love that he is such a big UNC fan and is actually able to go to school there and be part of it all. He talked me into wearing the wrong color blue and going to a game with him!
The Dean Dome
UNC played really well. I was very impressed with how well they moved the ball.
On Tuesday Kyle didn't have class so Jordan, Kyle, Jayden and I took a trip out to DUKE! We headed right for Cameron Indoor. We walked around and then I peeked behind a curtain to see what the court looked like. Apparently they were having a closed practice so we quickly were asked to leave.
There is a Duke Museum inside Cameron so it was fun to go through some of the best memories of DUKE games!

If this sign was not there you would have no idea that was Cameron Indoor. It is so small with the most beautiful stained glass windows. Does not look like a gym at all!
On Thursday UNC had an open practice. I loved this! I wish I could watch them practice every Thursday from 3:00-5:00. We just sat in the stands quietly watching. Afterwards Roy came over and thanked everyone for coming. He also apologized for the awful practice that happened. Marshall is my favorite player #5. I am extremely impressed with his passing ability. On the very far left you have the Mormon kid who will soon be leaving them for a mission... apparently he is planning on playing for BYU after the mission.

I once again sported my UNC physical therapy school shirt in honor of the occasion.
Now comes the best part! Kyle, aka the best brother in the world, was able to get me a ticket to a DUKE game. He met a kid during one of his classes that goes to Duke. He was able to get the guy to give up his pass for the night and get me a student ID so that I could go to the game. Its been a bucket list item of mine for FOREVER!
The kids were not thrilled about my shirt choice!
I had been really nervous about going to the game. I didn't want to get his friend in trouble or the girl that was letting me borrow her ID. I was really bummed that Kyle wasn't going to be able to go, but I knew I had to just enjoy my time at the game. Kyle's friend Ross was so nice. He met us and showed me where to go. He even was able to stand in the wait line and get in too. He found me and had me come stand with him. We cheered. I was a Cameron Crazie! I did the cheers and just had a great time!

Plumlee and Dawkins
Seth Curry
We won...barely. We did not play very well. 61 to 58. We even let them get off two three point attempts in the last seconds. I was so glad we won though! Thank goodness!
I was so pumped up after the game. Ross was nice enough to take my picture and even walked me to meet Kyle. Such a nice guy! I'm not sure why I don't go back to school and go to DUKE. I would LOVE IT!

Thank you North Carolina for treating me well. I'm lucky to have such a great brother who has such a great wife (cooked and entertained me all day)! I loved spending time with the kiddos. Can't wait to go back for Kyle's graduation!

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  1. I love this so much!! Sounds like you had a great trip. Go DUKE!