Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Early Valentine's Day

When I first got back from vacation I finished taking down all of the Christmas decorations. Since it was mid January at this point the roommates and I decided we should probably just decorate for Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, but I love decorating for it. It's about the only time I use pink...EVER! Most of our ideas are pinterest (I'm addicted) inspired, but we did throw in a few of our own touches!
This the final product!
I was going to paint a Be Mine sign and then got the idea to just use whatever paper my roommates and I had around to create this little framed art. It turned out really well and it was a good bonding experience.
I love these jars, but sometimes it's hard to find things to fill them with. This time we reused ideas and some materials. The smallest one just has red balls from Tai Pan, which we also used at Christmas. The one in the middle has paper hearts I cut out. The largest one is just different colors of tissue paper cut into strips. We had done this same thing with red and silver for Christmas.
We have a heart garland across the mirror and across the front of the fireplace. It is done with paint chips from Home Depot. We pretended to be VERY interested in paint samples. I got so interested that I actually started asking the worker questions until I remembered I was just making paper hearts! Everyone helped in cutting them out. I love the ones with the stripes on them. I then just took a needle and thread and "sewed" them together! You can't see it well, but on the mirror it says "You have stolen my heart..." which is from one of my favorite Dashboard Confessional songs.
Then we have the tree branches. I have been look everyone where for some tiny hearts to hang from them. I cam across a die cut for these hearts at work. Super easy and they hang on their own. The jar below is just filled with conversation hearts!
This was my latest pinterest project which did NOT turn out how I wanted it too. I think I didn't use enough glue, but they worked well enough to place in front of the fireplace. Its just spaghetti jars covered in tissue paper. They have a candle inside too that I have yet to light. I also added a stack of some red books (that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day) and a silver heart frame. On the opposite side (not pictured) is a wooden heart I painted last year.
As I've started to have more fun decorating this front room I've realized how happy it makes me to do these little projects and create some things. I like pulling from all over the house and trying to spend as little money as possible. I'm gaining a lot more storage boxes filled with decorations though!



  1. You SEWED?! How frickin' domestic of you. The branches with the hearts are cute (everything's cute) but kinda reminds me of Sacajawea night, no???? Hahaha

  2. Kdawg...not with a sewing machine. Just needle and thread. In one heart out the other. Sounds like a bad country song! I have many Sacajawea type nights! :)

  3. Very Cute Ash. I like them all.

  4. Ashley! I love making holiday decor. Next time you do it, let's make a party of it! I don't see you nearly enough.