Wednesday, August 31, 2016

School is back in Session

School is back in session and that means a new schedule for B and I. I'm so lucky she is such a good baby and can go with the flow. I'm having a much harder time with the schedule than she is. I'm so grateful that I get to stay home with her part time though. I cherish our fun mornings and evenings together so much. I'm trying to make the most out of every day with her.

This little girl LOVES her Daddy. She knows the sound of the front door opening and gets to excited to see her Daddy walk through the door. We got a little impatient one day and waited outside for him. She watched every single car go by and gave him the biggest smile when he walked up.
 Our little girl is such a good sleeper. Every night I go sneak in and rub her little head and say I love you. Lately she has been holding her own hand while she sleeps and it's so sweet. Mark and I couldn't miss out a photo opportunity. I held a flashlight above her while he snapped some pictures.
 7 months- about 14 lbs.
Little, but full of personality!
 B got her first cold a week ago. I hated seeing her with a stuffy/ runny nose, but she handled it like a champ! It was Bring your own cup day at 7-11 so we got slurpees and walked around the lake in search of ducks. As always, she was all smiles.
 Baby fingers, holding mama's hand.... I love her!
 She is getting pretty good at holding her own bottle. I laugh though because this bottle is almost bigger than her!
 She is getting better at being on her tummy and has started reaching and scooting for things around her. Once she starts crawling we are in for trouble!
 B and I went and fed the ducks the other night. She loves ducks so much and was thrilled to see so many of them at the lake. Plus check out her fuzzy hair! I'm in love with it even though half the time she has crazy bed head.
 B use to sleep in until 8. Now she is getting up around 7:15. While she nurses she usually falls asleep and takes a little cat nap on me. I worry a little bit she is forming a bad habit, but I LOVE these morning snuggles. It is easily the best part of my day.
 That smiles just melts me
 Aunt Cami got B this awesome old school phone when she was born. It was a favorite toy of ours as kids and she is obsessed with it now! I think this will be what gets her to crawl!

I'm sad summer is over, but I can't wait to celebrate Fall with this cutie!

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