Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Lovin'

We LOVE summer! I've loved having a long summer again. It has been so fun to make memories with Brooklyn. 

The #1 comment I always get on pictures is about all of Brooklyn's expressions. She is hilarious. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves and sees her cute personality.
 Laynie came over one day to try out our new pool
 6 months old. Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl!
 We hung out at Draper Days one Saturday. It was super hot, but we had yummy food, saw lots of cool animals, enjoyed Bahama Bucks for the first time and even got to see the fireworks from the car while B slept! I'm learning to be more flexible with her schedule. She has proven time and time again that she is a trooper no matter what we do!
 The family headed to Storm Mountain for tin foil dinners one Sunday. B and I spent most of our time hanging out by the water. She loves being outside and if there is water, she is extra happy!
 This is how I find Brooklyn EVERY SINGLE MORNING! She wakes up happy and talking to herself. I usually can get up and get a few things done before I even go and get here. She just chats and kicks the back part of her crib.
 I love my happy girl
 Cousin Scarlett had an ice skating party. Daddy skated and then thought Brooklyn needed a turn in the stroller. This little daredevil was loving it!
 Now that Brooklyn can sit up so well on her own she has enjoyed the splash pad. She sat here and played in the fountain until a boy ran past and scared her. She just loves watching the water and isn't phased by the fact that it is freezing.

Vernal Trip
If I were going to live in the middle of nowhere in Utah, Vernal would be my place! I seriously love it there. I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the family that lives there, but I love the scenery too. Aunt Liz put together a fun rafting trip for anyone in the Urry family. B and I skipped the rafting, but had a blast hanging out along the river. Mark had a great time with his cousins and we can't wait to do it again hopefully next year!
This spot was dreamy!
 Cousin Max! oh how we love this guy! He was nice enough to share toys and we shared snacks. We can't wait for all the fun these two will have growing up!
 Normally we stay with Aunt Liz, but since so many people were coming up for the weekend we stayed with Aleece and Kray! It was perfect! They had extra room, a gorgeous view, and understood SHHH the baby is sleeping!
It was seriously hard to leave. I wish it was a little closer so we could make it a monthly trip!

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