Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall is Finally Here!!!

The weather has cooled off some FINALLY! We have been enjoying warms days and cooler evenings. I love fall so much here in Utah. I just hope we keep having this amazing weather. We have been having non stop fun lately (when not at work). 

I had Friday off a couple weeks ago and thought it would be a great chance for Brooklyn and I to go to our first Swiss Days in Midway. I love the drive up there and Brooklyn napped like a champ for me. We got up there and it was BUSY. Like I had NO IDEA how crazy it was going to be. I finally found a random spot to park, got the stroller, diaper bag, and baby out of the car and hiked in to the main event. It was so packed. I seriously could not believe it. I HATE CROWDS. I especially hate crowds with a stroller and no help. We worked our way around the different booths and I tried to look, but couldn't really see anything. We got a scone which was amazing!!! Best part of the whole trip. Then it seems like everyone was eating so we rushed around to the booths we had wanted to see. We stopped at a cute booth with a grandpa and grandma. They were making wooden toys for kids and I couldn't pass them up. It totally reminded me of my grandpa, so we bought a wooden duck. We called it a day and left the craziness. I'm not sure I'll be going back any time soon, especially by myself! But I did get a cute temple sign for the house so that's a plus.
I like to think Brooklyn is saying, "You made me drive up here for a duck?"
Brooklyn is getting so much better with solids! She loves picking stuff up on her own, but still likes us to feed her too. Here she is eating a yummy muffin and trying to shove the whole thing into her mouth.
 Mark had to go to Taiwan and China for work for a WEEK! That means Mommy and Brooklyn were on our own. I was less worried about taking care of her on my own and more worried about the boredom at night once she went down. We missed him on our Saturday adventure to see some butterflies and going shopping. Luckily modern technology let us talk to him every day, but it just wasn't the same. We missed him big time!
We decided to surprise Daddy with a sign, balloon, and treat. I love that Brooklyn actually colored on the sign for him!
We got there just in time to greet him!
 Daddy brought back B her very own outfit and glass monkey (it's the year of the monkey). I also got a beautiful glass lucky tree. Most importantly we got our best friend back!
 Cousin Micah let us borrow his wagon to ride around in at his birthday party!
 Cheap bread, ducky pajamas, yellow bow, ducks, and daddy! Doesn't get much better!
Two of my students play on a soccer team together. We went and watched. B relaxed in the shade with a bottle of juice most of the time while I enjoyed the game and company.
 For YEARS I have wanted to go to Brigham City's Peach Days. It sounds amazing! PEACHES! Mark and I both love peaches. We finally thought this was the year. We got packed up and headed up there for what the GPS said was a 90 minute drive.  Well we hit A LOT of traffic. Brooklyn was ready to get out of the car and there was still more traffic. Once we got there she wanted nothing to do with the stroller or Daddy, so she and I hung out. It was hot and a FAIR. NO PEACHES. I mean we had peach cobbler which was okay, but no peach stands. How can you have peach days with no peaches??? That doesn't make sense. We thought there would be peaches everywhere. We were totally bummed when we didn't see peaches. Luckily we were told if we drove on the main road we could find some peach stands. 
Brooklyn was very unlike herself all day and pretty much had this look of disappointment on her face the whole time.
 Once we found the peaches she was much happier. She now eats at least half a peach a day! She loves them.
 Later that night Grandpa and Grandma had us over for a BBQ and to watch the BYU vs. Utah football game. Grandpa gave lots of kisses and Brooklyn was in heaven playing with him. We are so lucky to have these guys close by.
 Mark's grandparents moved 5 minutes away from us with his uncle and aunt so we decided we needed to go visit. They had only seen Brooklyn when she was a baby so they loved having her stop by. I'm so glad that Brooklyn gets to spend time with her Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

 On our landing we have all of Brooklyn's books. She has a ton. There are two shelves that are just board books. I've started letting her play and pull them out and enjoy moving them from spot to spot. I hate the mess, but she gets so happy about it. I hope this playing turns into loving to read.
 My sweet girl is 8 months old! She is 15 lbs!!! She has started to crawl/scoot around the room. She doesn't get far, but if there is something she wants she finds a way to get to it. She loves to give kisses and we catch her giggling to herself often. She has even started doing a silly growl. She brings us so much joy every single day!

 We had lunch with Daddy! Brooklyn's hair is so fuzzy and crazy. Mark decided to give her a special hair do that day.

 I can't get enough of this happy girl!

 Mark loves to sneak in morning hugs and kisses before work. This particular morning she was extra sleepy, but he picked her up and snuggled her for a little bit. He even laid her back down without her waking up. I love watching him love our baby girl.

Mark and I realized we hadn't been on a date in a really long time. He planned a great day for us. Brooklyn hung out with her grandparents while we got a massage, Bahama Bucks, and went to the movies. It was nice to just have some us time!
 We played later in the backyard at Grandma's house. Brooklyn loves the swing

 Brooklyn ready for church! I love when she sits all proper and holds her hands together.

 With the leaves changing colors up the canyon we decided to do some more 8 month pictures with the fall leaves. Brooklyn loved the leaves and tried to eat them multiple times.

I'm pretty sure she is the cutest baby! She was all business up Bell Canyon, but turned smiley up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Mark got some great pictures of her. 

This video cracks me up! She has started growling and will growl any time you growl at her. She seriously has the best personality!

We can't wait to keep enjoying fall!

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