Monday, August 15, 2016

Doesn't get better than SUMMER!

I'm dreading summer coming to an end because I have enjoyed every single minute with my little best friend. We have grown quite attached to each other.

Sometimes you just need to snuggle.
 Pool date with Ellie and Max!
 It cracks me up that she does use her pacifier how it's suppose to be. She just loves to chew on it! She also had her 6 month check up and shots. Shots so far have been pretty easy for us. Thank goodness. I'm hoping teething is the same way. Ha ha

13 lbs 15 oz
25 inches
TINY BABY, but growing healthy and strong
 We spent one Saturday downtown. We couldn't skip the Cheesecake Factory on Half off day! B really wanted a taste, but Daddy just teased her with a bite.
 Church History Museum for the win! It was really cool. I couldn't believe how many awesome things they had. I was really glad we went and know that we will be going back again soon!
 Sundays are hard on all of us. B's longest nap falls right in the middle of church. If we were at home it would be 2 hours. At church it's 30 minutes and only if it's quiet. Mark usually ends up in the hall during Sunday school rocking and snuggling. I caught them both napping a couple weeks ago.
 Brooklyn and I stopped by Wheeler Farm. I had never been, but heard there were animals. We spent most our time in the shade (I hate Utah summer heat) looking at the geese. As you can tell by her expression they were pretty great.
 I've jumped on the bow making train. It started with me not being able to find a 4th of July bow I liked so I tried making one. I since have done a few new tutorials and have gotten pretty good at the bows. I'm still working on perfecting it though. Lucky for me I have a great stash of fabric to practice on! This is seriously why I never throw away scraps!
Brooklyn has gotten VERY good at kisses. If you kiss her and ask for kisses she will often give them back. I think it's pretty dang cute.
We haven't gotten the snakes out much around Brooklyn, but Mark wanted her to see Mackey the other day. She was so excited by it. She kept wanting to hold it and grab at him.

Mark's work does a Lagoon and day and we invited Camden to come out to go with us. Grandma and Grandpa drove out with him and were nice enough to watch Brooklyn for us so we could enjoy.
 We also went to Dripping Rock in Spanish Fork which was awesome. Super quick walk and then a great place to hang out and cool off.
 My little monkey enjoying her bottle.
 We stopped by the Provo City Center Temple as well. It is such a beautiful spot. Loved sharing it with the family.
 Camden had a good time hanging out with B in the water. They are best buddies!
First time on a slide and I think it was a success!

We wish the whole crew could have come and that everyone could stay longer. We can't wait to visit again though!

 Brooklyn just started making this face ALL. THE. TIME! It's so funny. Sometimes she will do a sniffing noise with it, but other times she will give you this mean mug look.
 B watching the Olympics. We are big Michael Phelps fans over here
She was really getting into the games
What mom?
 Here is the progression of the mean muggin' face
 Even after sleeping 10 + hours a night she still is sleepy. Often she will eat breakfast and then take a cat nap on my lap for about 15 minutes. Then she wakes up and is a happy camper!
 I can't even explain the amount of love I have for her.
 Daddy surprised B with her very own ball pit. She loves balls and is always trying to hold on to this small beach ball. He figured this way she wouldn't get upset when a ball got away from her because she would have so many!
 Brooklyn testing out the new quilt we made for her cousin coming any day now!
 Mean Muggin' in the bathtub!

Daddy planned a fun day at the zoo for us. We both were excited and were even more excited when Brooklyn loved watching the animals. She would cheer and chat with the animals as they moved in front of her. She got pretty excited.
 Watching the monkey

 I was so glad we stopped by to see the giraffes one last time while Brooklyn was awake. She couldn't contain her excitement. I can't wait until we take her back and let her feed them!
 I don't know how I got so lucky with these two!

Summer is coming to an end with me starting back to work this week. We will just have to make the most of our weekend adventures!

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