Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Going back to work wasn't easy. I had been dreading leaving Brooklyn at a daycare or in a random place. I have been so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. For 11 weeks I have had people love my baby unconditionally and even when it wasn't the easiest. They have sacrificed their time to help me out. I have never felt so loved. I know that she has gotten so much love and attention from each one of them. I'm incredibly lucky to know all of these people. 

Here are a few cute pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Snuggling kitty at Grandma's house
 Playing with her favorite big sister Lyla
 Hanging out at the Grant's house
 Napping at the Taylor's house
 I owe some major favors to about 20 people and I'm glad to pay them all back with anything they need. Thank you all for loving my sweet B!

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