Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Every Day is an Adventure

Mark and I feel so blessed to have such a sweet baby! She just turned 4 months old and I'm not sure how we got here. I feel like it is going by so fast. She is growing every day and I love watching her learn so much. I think I might just have the smartest baby ever. She is opinionated in some ways and so go with the flow in others. She is a good mix of Mark and I. I'm grateful we are on a schedule and I'm learning to be a little more flexible with it. We have a great time every day though!

My class threw me a baby shower before Brooklyn was born. I have loved putting her in all of the outfits they picked out for her. This one is from Braxton.
 Tummy time has been a little bit of a struggle. We were behind the game because of her hip brace. She would scream the second you flipped her over. Now she is getting more use to it and every once in awhile will give you a smile.
 I would LOVE to sleep like this 3 times during the day and for 10 hours at night!
 My walking buddy! Always takes her ball with her.
 2 seconds before this she was asleep. She wakes up so happy every morning. I get mad when Mark gets her up because I miss the cutest smiles.
 Every weekend we try to come up with a family friendly activity. Sometimes this is a challenge with a 4 month old and being a schedule. We decided to take her swimming at the rec center. Her swim diaper didn't fit (size 3-4) so I put her in a diaper, swim diaper, cover, and then her suit. Plus I had to tie her suit straps. It was pretty funny.
 She was a little unsure. I think more than anything she was trying to take in everything. She is so curious and loved watching everyone around her. I think she will be a water baby for sure. The drive across the street put her right to sleep so it must have been a good little workout for her!
 My nephew Ki got baptized and a former student got married so we spent our Saturday dressed our best!
 Brookly and Holly... 1 week apart and best buddies. Sometimes Brooklyn will try to hold her hand and it makes us all smile.
 Mark decided to sell his car. With me going part time next year and us wanting to finish our basement, he decided it was a good idea. I'm so lucky to be married to a good man who will do anything for his family.
 I've had major anxiety about moving B from her rocker into her crib. I've started trying to put her in her crib for naps, but she always wakes up after 5 minutes. Everyone that babysits her has great luck with it. This day she lasted 30 minutes!!! Hopefully we can keep working on it and she will last all night for me!
 Our family adventure this weekend was going for a drive up the canyon and walking around Storm Mountain. Of course we had to get Lonestar tacos afterwards too!
 On Sundays B and I try to let Mark sleep in. We sometimes get a little silly and have too much fun sending grandma pictures and videos.
 I love those big blue eyes and long eyelashes
 B thinks she is super funny and likes to take her pacifier out and twirl it around in her fingers. This day she fell asleep on our walk holding it right next to her lips.
 Snuggle buddies
 We love both our Grandpas!
 We have a thumb sucker! 
I've caught her a couple of times now. It is pretty cute, but hopefully won't be a hard habit to break...
 Happy 4 months baby girl!

Saying this girl loves her Daddy is an understatement!

 For Mother's Day we made both Grandmas cards. Brooklyn colored them herself.

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