Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Good Life

Here are a few photos from the last couple of months!

 Mark designed an awesome new nozzle for Lowe's! I was so excited for him that I made him take and show me it on the shelves!
Lorenzo likes to play Mario with us!

Trip to the aquarium!

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being engaged! We bowled our little hearts out and just enjoyed laughing with each other all day.

We had an FHE date downtown to go see Meet the Mormons. I really enjoyed it and it made me want to be a little better and do a little more to share the gospel with those around me.

One of Mark's Christmas presents was a sushi making class! We finally used it and it was so much fun! He is way better at it than me, but we had a blast.  So much sushi too!

I'm a Groupon lover! I found an awesome Groupon for $5 for 2 to go to Scales and Tails. It's a small shop that has different reptiles.  They do parties, classroom visits, and mini activities at their shop.  We spent 2 hours holding, learning, and being totally in awe of those creatures.  

Temple date nights are one of our favorites.  We were lucky to get to visit the Jordan River Temple one night.  At one point we had the Celestial Room all to ourselves.  We do our best learning and thinking in there together!

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