Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grandma Urry

On February 24, 2015 Mark and I got calls and texts from our family that Grandma Urry was not doing well.  We had heard this before, but this time it seemed much more real.  We quickly jumped in the car and headed to South Ogden where she was staying.  Almost the entire Urry family (which is huge) had gathered around Grandma to sit with her during her last few hours.  It was a sweet experience as we told stories, read scriptures, laughed, and held her hand.  She was an extremely loved woman.  At 5:22 pm she passed. It was simple and peaceful.  She was surrounded by those that loved her.  We all felt a sadness that we had lost her, but were so grateful that she would be reunited with her husband who had died 35 + years before.  She was almost 91 and truly an amazing daughter of God.  
 In the short time that I knew Grandma Urry I was able to listen to many stories. Me being the newest member of the family meant that I was excited by the stories and hadn't heard them before.  She talked about her sweet husband and when they first met, about Mark when he was younger, being a mother, about my father in law, about everything.  I am so grateful I was able to hear those stories from her point of view and be able to laugh through them all with her.
 One of my favorite stories is when she won a blue ribbon award for a prize winning cake...which she made from a box!
I am so grateful for the gospel.  Grandma was able to be with Mark and I in the temple when we were sealed for time and all eternity.  I loved seeing her sweet face smiling for us that day.

Although I'm so sad that Grandma won't hold our babies and tell my children stories of their Dad and Grandpa, I am extremely grateful to have another angel in Heaven looking out for them.

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