Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sew, Sew, Sew

I have truly learned to love sewing! I spend most of my alone free time sewing.  I love shopping for fabric, deciding on designs, mapping it out, and then sewing.  Right now I'm just practice a few new techniques so my quilts aren't too difficult. I try to change it up with each one in some way so that hopefully I can find the perfect or my favorite way of doing quilts.  It's been challenging at times, but overall I really enjoy it.  I'm lucky I have a Mom on speed dial that will listen to my questions and even sometimes help me figure out how much fabric I need.  I also have a very supportive husband that doesn't get mad when he comes home from work and there is material, scraps, patterns, pins, etc. EVERYWHERE and dinner is half cooked in the kitchen. I hope that I can continue to learn and try a few new ideas out! 

Here are a few of my latest projects:
 I couldn't resist this cute elephant fabric.
 Then I had enough to make an elephant toy to go with it!
 My friend is having a little boy in a couple of weeks. She mentioned navy blue, green, and grey to me and I just knew I needed to make him something! I love the color combo on this one.
 My nephew Ki is a superhero fan so for his birthday he got a Superman quilt! This was my first striped quilt that I came up with the layout myself.  I was really excited it turned out well and fit together nicely.
 My niece, Tensley, turned 2! She is a firecracker and full of energy and personality. I felt that the best thing for her was a bright quilt. I had seen this material and love it. I tried a new pattern and although it turned out cute, I will NEVER make this one again. It was HARD! I almost cried...
 This is probably my favorite so far. A friend of mine is having her first and it's going to be an adorable girl. I saw this pattern on Pinterest and loved it. It looked easy enough that I could try it and not get too overwhelmed. I loved the fabric too. I was even brave and used heat and bond to do her name on the back. It took much longer than my normal stripe quilts, but this will be a go to for me for sure!
My neighbor had a little girl and I wanted to try out a receiving blanket tutorial I had seen on Pinterest.  I did it! I used the same tutorial for the elephant blanket above!

I have lots more ideas!!! Can't wait to get started!

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