Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Adventure to Remember

Date Night turned into quite the night! On Friday I suggest that we go for a little hike. My roommate had recently done this little hike to a waterfall and I thought it would be such a fun way for us to spend some quality time together. I was thinking of one hike, Mark was thinking of another. We ended up in Bell Canyon. The start of the hike was pretty up hill. I was already worried as the climb just kept getting steeper. We finally got up to the reservoir and it was gorgeous!

I love lakes so I could have spent all day here. We came for a waterfall though, so by golly we were going to see that waterfall! Mark knew we had to go around to the other side of the lake to get to the waterfall. We were on our way!
It was a beautiful night. Perfect weather, perfect scenery, perfect guy.... 
The hike started to get a little harder. We kept going up. We would cross a bridge or see the river, but never saw that waterfall!
We aren't quitters so we kept our search going. We saw a lot of people coming down the mountain and they were all happy and smiling. My legs were killing me! Oh my gosh. When I say straight up, I mean STRAIGHT UP! These short legs were struggling to keep up with Mark. He was so patient with me though. I needed a few breaks and some words of encouragement and he was there for me. 
We started our hike about 7:30 pm. We were expecting a quick 45 minutes hike. We didn't have water or a flashlight with us. We were so determined to find the waterfall though so we just kept going...UP! The sunset was gorgeous and about this time people told us you are so close, only 15 more minutes, it's amazing, etc. We kept climbing. Literally at times climbing on my hands and knees trying to make it up this mountain. 
You can't beat the views we saw. It really was incredible. We finally reached the TOP of the waterfall (we think) about 10:00 pm. We never actually saw the water falling, but it was a pretty view where we were. Ha ha. We rested for about 10 minutes and then I was worried about heading down because by this point it was dark. Mark led the way as we now scrambled down this steep path in the DARK. It was hard enough on the way up and now we couldn't see and were trying to not to get hurt as we guessed where the rocks were. 

Needless to say I started to worry while Mark kept his cool. At one point I asked him to stop and pray for us that we would be safe on our way down. I felt so much better after that. We stumbled, we got some scratches, but we did make it down the mountain. We were so lucky it was a warm and clear night. The moon was a huge help for sure to see where we were. A few times we had to use my cell phone which was quickly losing battery to help us see where we were going. I wish I had taken an after shot of the view and us. We finally got back to our car a little after midnight. We were pretty sore and dying of thirst! We headed to 7-11 for a GIANT SLURPEE! That was all we wanted. I've never been so happy. 

It really was an adventure! I don't think we will go hiking again any time soon, but next time we do we will make sure to have some supplies and maybe know exactly where we are suppose to be going! I'm grateful that at least I had my best friend there to help me get through and enjoy our date night.

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