Monday, September 30, 2013

Vacation = Slave Labor

My parents love me! I've always known that, but they proved it this weekend! They flew to Utah on Thursday and stayed until this morning. I worked them the WHOLE weekend. I had done a ton of projects on my own, but needed some help with a few bigger projects and then installing, hanging, measuring, etc. 

I put together my tv stand one morning. I thought oh it will probably be hard, but not too hard. Then I opened the box and there were 24 wood pieces and at least 100 pieces of hardware. It was a little crazy. The instructions were amazing though so although it took 4 hours, it was actually very easy to do. Just time consuming, but I love it!
 My dad is awesome and measures EVERYTHING! Day one was hanging a lot of things up for me. Everything is centered and level now! My mom got started on some pillows and bathroom curtains for me. She made two floor pillows in California, 1 floor pillow, 4 couch pillows, and two valences. She has 3 more valences to make in California. (Oh and she made 5 pillows for Amanda last night too!)

 I made this Home Sweet Home sign and the coat rack to go above my shoe bench by the garage.
 My mom's handy work! I showed her a picture on pinterest, we went and bough fabric, and an hour later I had a curtain!
 I had seen this idea on Pinterest to hang old recipe cards. I asked my mom if I could have some of my Grandma Mutin's old recipe cards. Some of my favorite memories with her were sitting on the stool watching her cook or helping her make yummy things. I think these make a perfect addition to my kitchen!
 These are the couch pillows my mom made!
 This is back by my garage. Caldendar, mail, notes, etc. will all go here!
 The WALL! 
I have a large wall in my dining room that I really wanted to make a focal point. I had lots of ideas and have been thinking about this for months. I finally decided on wainscoting. Lucky for me my dad said he was pretty sure he could do it. 

We started with a plan, which included lots of measuring. We bought the wood and it all fit in my car! Dad did more measuring, hammering, measuring, cutting the wood, leveling, measuring, filling holes, etc. It was a long process, but he was a champ. Once he was done I was able to go back over it all and paint it a light aqua. It turned out exactly how I wanted it. I hope soon I can find a buffet to put in front of it and add some decorations.

It was a busy, but awesome weekend! It was so nice to get to see them and to have so much help!
Greatest Parents on earth!!!


  1. Very nice, Family that works together the finish product was forever.. :) I love it.. By the way if your looking made to measure curtains we can provide it for you.

  2. That's what parents are for right?! Your house is looking fab!