Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around the House

 I realize that I have said that multiple times, but sometimes it's a little crazy to me still. I have always loved houses and decorating. My mom and I use to walk through model homes just to see all the fun things that they did. It feels so good to finally be able to work on my house and do all the things that I have wanted to do for so long. There are still SO many projects to do, but it has been nice to make a little bit of progress while off track.

Home Depot and I have become besties. Thank goodness it isn't very far from my house because on a good day I only go twice...
I have this tiny area that I call my mud room! Ha ha! I really wanted to put a shoe bench in there and hang a little purse/coat rack. Ashlee and Mel were nice enough to help me put it together and I love it! It is exactly what I wanted and I love the pop of color in the little bins too.
 Blinds suck... just fyi! I was so nervous to put these in. It was a process too. I thought I found the right size, but I didn't. Then I finally found 15 of the right size at Walmart only to realize that they weren't the rights size. I had to return those and then with the help of a good friend go to Home Depot to get the right size! Finally we were able to install the first two. Once she showed me how I let her go back to her family and throughout the week I finished up the rest. For sure one of those moments where I was shaking my fist and saying, "This is what HUSBANDS are for!"
 This is me, installing my last blind! In the end I was VERY proud that I did it by myself and that I now have a new skill. It did make me smile when Gabe looked over and said are you doing that? When I said yes! He just smiled and said good job! I think my Dad was pretty impressed too that I was doing it on my own!
 GABE! This guy is a gem! My cable was located on the opposite side of the room from where I wanted it. With my couch it just works better on the main wall. I was seriously bummed when I realized where it was, but Gabe came to the rescue. He does this type of stuff for a living and was a life saver!! He came over and did it in no time at all. I will say though that it was extremely scary to watch him CUT A HOLE into my wall! My beautiful wall had a hole in it. Thank goodness he knew what he was doing and you would have no idea that he had switched it. 
Oh did I mention that I've met Gabe twice and that he still willingly came and did this for me the day after my friend Melanie asked him to? Yup... He is a WINNER!!!!
 I was in desperate need of a dresser. It was going in my closet so I didn't care too much what it looked like. I just needed it to function. I decided to look on KSL for a used one since I was going to paint it anyways. I came across this one for $5! Yes it had a missing drawer, but I knew I could figure out something!
I bought two cans of yellow spray paint and got started. I didn't bother sanding it or anything fancy. Again it was going in my closet so I didn't really care too much. In the end I loved how it turned out. I moved the missing drawer to the bottom and put two black bins with winter scarves, hats, gloves under the dresser.
 It's very hard to tell, but I painted my bedroom GREY! I really wanted to do this, but I wasn't sure if I had the energy. After realizing the first coat wasn't taking very well I got very discouraged. I really had major thoughts about just painting white over it and calling it good. In the end I'm glad I didn't give up, but I hate that it took so long and so much paint! Textured walls are a killer!
 I think my living room is now the happiest place in my house. I love the almost aqua that I chose for the wall. I'm a little surprised I went for it, but in the end I think it is really fun and bright without being overwhelming. Plus it is calming and beach feeling which is what I wanted. Plus I found that adorable bin for $12.00 at Walmart and I couldn't pass it up. I quickly grabbed it and decided it would hold all my blankets for the living room.

It has really been so nice to get these projects done around the house. I currently have a list of about 10 other things that need to get done in the next week and a half. My parents come in a week and I'm so excited to have them here to help me!

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