Sunday, March 31, 2013


A long, long, long time ago I lived with Krystal Duval in Chapman Hall. It was my Sophomore year of college and she was a freshman. I was an RA and for whatever reason I asked for her to be switched into my apartment before even meeting her. I'm sure there was a good reason, but now that I think about it I have no idea why. 
Well Krystal, aka Kdawg, is from Alaska. I knew very little about Alaska and still have much to learn. I haven't made it out there to visit, but I have big plans of going there some day! 

Well Kdawg's life SHOCKS me! Her stories don't really seem real most days. Let's just say I could never live in Alaska! Visit, yes, live...NO WAY! She often sends me pictures with the local weather, which is -45 degrees. That is normal? 
One thing that should be known is that I LOVE moose. Many people know that already about me, but just in case you didn' you do. Well this becomes important because late last night Kdawg and I were discussing how she should move to Utah and teach and be my roommate. (Great idea, right?) Well I told her we need to get her out of Alaska so that she doesn't have to move to a small little town and teach. In those small towns they make you eat seal and moose. GROSS! Well she informed me that she eats moose ALL THE TIME! Yes...ALL THE TIME! 
She let me know it's actually very healthy and it's not like the moose are endangered. Guess what, if you keep killing all the boy moose there won't be any babies and they will become endangered!
One of my very best friends for over 10 years is just now telling me that she eats my favorite animal on a regular basis?? How is this possible? 

Dear Kdawg,
It's a good thing you are such an amazing friend otherwise we might not survive this tragic news.
Your extremely concerned friend

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