Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can't Get Enough

It's a slow Sunday afternoon and I found myself needing a little pick me up. Back in college a group of us started watching Felicity. It's one of those shows that I go to all of the time. I have watched every episode so many times and it never gets old. Claudia and I use to say, "What would Felicity do?" or "Do you remember when Ben said that to Felicity?" Things like that, which basically made it sound like they were our friends. It's been years and as silly as it sounds I still feel the same way. I watch clips, episodes, seasons and just smile because I LOVE these people. So today you will get a few clips from my favorite TV show. 

I could post 100 more videos, but these 3 are my favorites. I missing the girls and college today and couldn't help but have a little Felicity moment to myself.

1 comment:

  1. Love love love it. Although I am a Ben and Felicity fan my very favorite moment ever has to be during the season one Thanksgiving episode when Noel and Felicity make out in the bathroom and Ben sees. Later Felicity introduces Ben to Hannah, Noel's girlfriend. Love Ben's response, "Really, okay!"