Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

7 years ago I met Lisa! We were both teaching at Greenwood Elementary. I was teaching 4th grade and she was teaching 2nd. The principal asked us to all pick a lower grade to be reading buddies with. We both kind of looked at each other and said yeah? Well that is where it started. That year we became friends and then I moved to the 2nd grade team. Do you know how fun it is to go to work with one of your best friends every day? It's amazing! We started branching out from just being work friends and doing stuff outside of school. Then we decided to be travel buddies. We have gotten lost in Greece, zip-lined in Costa Rica, snorkeled in Honduras, and so much more! Yesterday Lisa married Devin Walker and things will of course be different, but I still look forward to meeting up for Thai, gchatting at work, texting about dates late in the night, craft nights with the girls, etc. 

 Of course we had AMAZING weather all week long and then the snow storm hit Friday carrying over to Saturday. Poor California got a white wedding. It was beautiful, but very cold!
They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple!

 Super blurry but the only shot with my shaky cold hands!
 Isn't she beautiful?
 Lisa knows how to party! Amazing food! 
I tried everything and was full the rest of the evening!
 Their reception was at the Grand America Hotel in downtown SLC. 
It was the perfect location for this fancy and fun day.
 Random shot, but LOOK AT THAT DRESS? 
I was in love with it. Lisa had stressed a little about the dress, but she for sure picked a winner. It was stunning!
 Cake time!
 First dance
(Love her veil)
 The snow finally stopped for a little bit and it made for a beautiful day at the SLC temple!
I'm so grateful for Lisa and all that she has done for me over the years. I'm lucky to have her in my life. I'm so glad she is so in love and happy. I can't think of someone more who deserves it!

Lisa and Devin
November 10, 2012
Lisa Gardiner became Lisa Walker!

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