Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Thanksgiving to Remember: Part 4/5

Finally it was Thanksgiving! Mom and Dad got to cooking. Dad was a champ and peeled all the potatoes. It was a lot because my mom was making sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and then she needed diced potatoes for my turkey pot pie. Mom and I were busy looking through ads so we could shop that evening. Cami and Ryan were packing up their things and the kids were running around being crazy. We had a very yummy Thanksgiving with lots of giggling in between. I'm so glad that I could have some of my family come out for the holiday. It was fun to have the house filled with family!
Camden helped me write in my gratitude journal and then drew a hand turkey! Haddley fell in love with my guitar and spent most of the morning just strumming away. Camden and Haddley loved using the banister as a race track for their cars. We had a little bubbly with dinner! Dad and Parker keeping the Hoppes tradition alive with the turkey leg. Haddley loving her dinner. Camden and Parker trying to pull the wishbone. Camden, Haddley and I went to the park to shoot some hoops. Camden and I being silly and making faces during snuggle time!

Once the house was cleared it was then time to shop. My Dad at first wasn't going to come at all, but then decided he would come with us and then head home around Midnight. I won't go into details about the evening, but it was long. We started at 7pm and ended around 7 am. We shopped the whole time...well actually most of that was spent in lines! I HATE LINES! By the morning Mom and I were feeling the pain in our backs and for me especially in my knee too. I came home for a quick power nap and then we organized it all into suitcases. The good news is that I got most of my shopping done! It might not look like much, but that was the second half of the evenings bags. My Dad has already brought in the first half.
Photo: This just happened...well for the last 12 hours!

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