Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 1

This Thanksgiving I decided to invite some of the family to Utah! I love California and thank goodness get to go home for Christmas, but I really wanted my family to see where I live, work, hang out, etc. Lucky for me, they LOVE me and came for the visit. 
I had a few things that I really wanted to make sure we got to do while everyone was in town. First things first was of course bring the kids to school day!
When Camden and Haddley ask why I have to go back to Utah I always tell them it's because of my students. It was fun for them to see my school and to get to meet my students. Plus my students LOVED having them there.

Next was TACO time! My family laughed, but I really wanted to take them to Lonestar Taqueria! I love this place. I've mentioned it before. My family needed to taste it! Everyone agreed it was a great meal! PHEW...I told them I would disown them if they didn't!
Since we were over by the freeway I decided we needed to go to Scheels. I knew the kids would love seeing the animals and everyone else could enjoy shopping!
Clearly my Dad had a great time as well!

 Over all it was a WONDERFUL first day together!

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