Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Old Man!

I've always been a Daddy's girl! There was never any question to that. If Dad had a road trip to take I was always jumping in along side of him. Summer League I would sit behind the bench and draw out "plays" that of course would help the team. I would sing Steve Miller Band at the top of my lungs not having a clue as to what the words actually meant. I did it all because that's what my Dad was doing. In high school I had the best softball Dad. I think some people would have hated it, but I just saw it as more time with the coolest guy. He had coached all my sports teams growing up so why not in high school. I still love hearing him tell some of his stories about our teams those two years and how proud he was of me.  I've moved away from home, but I'm still a Daddy's girl. In college when I couldn't figure out a math problem I would still call up my Dad and have him help me out. When something is broken I still call and try to describe it to him in hopes that he can tell me how to fix it. Even recently when I hurt my knee I called my Mom and said I JUST NEED DAD! I don't think I could fully describe our friendship. We are the biggest goof balls and love to drive my Mom crazy! We laugh at each other's jokes and finish each other's sentences. We both love DUKE! We can talk for hours while driving in the car or hiking up a mountain. We enjoy the same TV shows like Shark Wranglers. We make great golf buddies. We are known for our love of chocolate dip top cones (don't tell Mom)! We both have a great appreciation for hole in the wall diners. We just are kind of two peas in a pod. 

I love my Dad. 
I don't know what I would do without him. 
Hands down the greatest man I know.

Back in the day...
 He loves family photo sessions!
 He is a trooper and will ride the lady bug "tea cups" with Haddley. And yes he is pretending to flash a gang sign!
 He is never too old to cimb onto a donkey statue and ride public.
He rocked this 10K even when we thought we were just going to do a 5K.
 He is the greatest Grandpa!

He loves every present you give him!

 Yet again my Dad willing to climb on a bull and ride it... in public!
 Greatest camping buddy a girl could ask for!

I wish I could spend the day golfing and eating dip tops, but I'm stuck in Utah and he is in California. So from far way...I LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Your NOT Favorite Daughter

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