Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Pass Weekend...Living Wild, Young and Free

A couple weeks ago my roommate Amanda mentioned she was headed to St. George with her friend Andrea and invited me to tag along. Aubrey came to which was a perfect little addition. This trip we had very few things on our list to do and so it made for a relaxing get the heck out of South Jordan trip!

We left Friday evening after work. Our first stop was Arshel's in Meadow, Ut.
Right across the street was this little gem!
I had a couple of friends ask me how the trip was going so far...this was the picture I sent them :)

We got up "early" aka 9:00 and had the free breakfast at the hotel. Next it was time for shopping! We actually shopped pretty quick at the outlets and walked away with some great purchases. I'm pretty sure Amanda and I now have a few twiner outfits!
Next it was pool time! I love laying out at the pool. The only bad part was that my Nook died so I just listened to music and hung out. No sunscreen for me. I wanted one last good burn/tan of the season!
 Amanda really wanted to check out Pioneer Park again this trip. I love all the rock sculptures. I'm a kid in a candy store climbing around.
 Amanda and I trying to escape the heat...failed attempt!
 There is a spot called the "crack" this is the entry way to it and I just love how it looks.
 Of course after our day out in the sun we felt the need to eat! We came across this place right down the street from the hotel Friday night. We added it to our list of places me must try. It didn't disappoint! The best part was when Aubrey spilled her water everywhere!
We didn't have much else on our list of things to do and it was still early. We decided to hit up a few more stores while we had time. Of course we had to go to Ross! Let's just say we found some goodies while there! Sometimes I just can't resist a good sequin dress!
 It's a shame there was no time to hit up Vegas!!! Ha ha! The best part was that as I was leaving there was a Mom of 2 buying that dress. sad!

We were pretty lazy Sunday morning. Again we ate the free breakfast and watched A League of Their Own while getting ready to pack up and leave. We skipped church, but felt like going to the St. George Temple would be a good make up. We met some sweet missionaries and just enjoyed our time walking around. I loved the visitor center. They had an incredible art display about the pioneers with amazing stories about their coming to Utah. I wish I could have stayed longer exploring!
 It was finally time to leave St. George and head back to our real lives. Our final stop was Larry's Drive In. I've had better, but for being in Fillmore, UT it wasn't too bad.

Glad I could escape life for a couple of days and get a tan while doing so!

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