Monday, August 20, 2012

Daybreak Camp Out

It's the end of summer and as one last ward activity we decided to go camping. I have a really great ward so of course it was a great time. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I put the phone away for the trip and just enjoyed the company. 

Amanda and I headed up Friday evening. Amanda spotted this gem just outside of downtown Kamas!
 Butterfly Lake
We stayed just a few miles away from this lake. It was a popular fishing location and a quick little walk for us. We went at the perfect time of day!
 We came across this bear print...
 Meet "Jason"! Picture scruff, attractive, slightly older gentleman with a raspy voice! I quickly asked about the fishing and he whispered about the rainbow and tiger trout. I'm pretty sure we were all smitten and could have stayed a little longer with him.
 Point of Interest!
 I'm missing pictures from Friday night and Saturday morning... 
We ate pulled pork sandwiches, played games, told stories, watched our bishopric do adorable skits, pulled a few pranks, ate amazing cobbler, played glow in the dark frisbee while wearing glow sticks, told more stories about aliens and weird things in the woods, giggled in our tents until 3 am, FROZE, had a wonderful breakfast cooked by the bishopric, had a water balloon fight, packed up, and walked around Mirror Lake. It really was such a fun 24 hours. I wish we could just escape and do it more often. 

After the walk around the lake a group of us decided to stop in Kamas at this little drive in for some lunch before we headed back. A burger, fries, and raspberry shake was exactly what I needed to complete this great camping trip!

Thank you Unitas for giving me a wonderful vacation spot to spend time with great friends!

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  1. sounds like so much fun! you guys found such a pretty spot to camp