Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegas and a Double Baby Shower

After all of my California fun I flew to Vegas to be with the wonderful Wixom family! Collette and Natalie are both pregnant and were having a double baby shower for their little boys! I was super excited that I could fit in the trip. A party at the Wixom house is always a great time!
 Co and I trying to be serious to take a picture....
 Yeah we aren't super good at that!

After the busy/fun day Heidi took us all out to an outdoor play! It was so cool! I joked about how I could not live in Vegas because nothing there is green! Heidi found me green and I really did love it! 

After stuffing Layne in the trunk with a million pillows, blankets and a cooler we headed out for the evening...just the girls! Poor Micah and Layne then had to carry the cooler because the man wouldn't let us go on the actual road. Worth it though because we had an amazing feast!
 Collette's family is awesome! I love all of them! Aunt Julie, Gina, and Jill came too! Amanda and I were super lucky to get to spend time with such fun people!
 The play was really cool. We just sprawled out on the grass and enjoyed the weather. It was actually cooler up there so I didn't want to die being outside (probably the first time I have ever said that about Vegas). Other than the smokers it was a lovely night!
After a fun weekend together it was time to head back to Utah. I'm so blessed to have met Collette in college and now to have so many "sisters" added to the mix. I love all of my visits with them. They always make me feel like part of the family. Thanks Wixom Family for everything!

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