Friday, June 29, 2012

Home is Where My Heart Is!

I love going home! After Disneyland it was nice just to go back to Petaluma and get some home time in. I grew up in such a wonderful place. I just love our small town and the feeling I get when I drive down the familiar streets. Extra bonus...these kids live 5 minutes from my parents! (Can't wait until Kyle had his family live close again too!)

After a yummy BBQ by Ryan, I decided a hose fight where I was holding the hose would be a great idea! Perks of being an Auntie!
 Another night we did smores! Although they don't look like they are having fun, they are! I just think this picture is too funny. Camden has a sweet tooth like his Mom and would have kept going had Daddy not cut him off!
 This little monkey just gets prettier and prettier every day! I just love her!
We officially got to celebrate Camden's 5th Birthday! I'm not sure when Mr. Poopie Pants decided to grow up, but he sure has. He wanted an Avengers cake (Cami was doing a big one for his birthday party on Saturday). Grandma wasn't really wanting to do an Avengers cakes, so she made a cake with sprinkles from all the different colors of the characters. She also tried a new cream cheese frosting recipe that will make you LOVE life. I don't like cake, but I ate half of this cake! Isn't he the cutest kid? I just love him so very much!
My Dad and I like to pretend like we can golf. He has an idea what he is doing...I just like to hit things! We decided to play the little 9 hole course so I could have my first experience on a course. It was so much fun! I cleared both ponds and screamed when I did! I think I only lost 1 ball too! In the end my Dad won, but if I can get my short game a little better I might have a shot at beating him!

 Not the best picture of us, but we were having a blast!
 Parker was all smiles for me one night! He is a chunk, but when he really smiles you can see his dimple!
Not pictured (thank goodness) is my Mom and I doing water aerobics! This also included Zumba water aerobics! Yeah that stuff is crazy. I loved the work out though. I'm a huge fan of the water so working out in the water was a great way to start the morning. 

I LOVE HOME! Petaluma will always be HOME!

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