Friday, June 29, 2012

Disneyland Goodness

I am one lucky girl! My sister had planned a trip to Disneyland with her in laws and then realized she was staying longer than everyone. This also meant she would have to do 2 days of Disneyland on her own with 3 children. That wasn't going to work. I got the call to swoop in and be the cool aunt who helps out. Huge win for me! I booked my ticket and had a blast with these crazy kids!

Parker's first trip to Disneyland!
 Experiencing the Toy Story ride in California Adventure. It quickly became a favorite!
 Tea Cups!!! Even Parker got to ride the tea cups. Haddley LOVED them. She would make a list in the morning of the rides she wanted to do. 
1. Merry Go Round
2. Tea Cups
3. Caterpillar Ride 
4. Winnie the Pooh

 I really love this picture because Haddley is trying to scoot Camden away from the steering wheel because she wants TOTAL control of that car (that goes nowhere)! Such a funny girl.
 We were lucky enough to get to see the new Cars Land opening day. We were super worried the line was going to be crazy, but it only was about an hour wait to get into the park. Once we got in the park we did all the other rides (everyone else went to Cars). We had a blast and then checked it out. It is pretty cool. They have done a great job making it look like Radiator Springs. We didn't get to ride the big ride because there was no way we were waiting in a 5 hour line! NO THANK YOU!

 We were so happy to go on a Cars ride! Cami and I would take turns watching Parker. It actually made it more fun for the kids, especially Camden, because they got to do everything twice!

As you can see the kids had a blast! The drive home was pretty quiet...well except for Parker, but I forgive him! 

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