Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It was so much fun to celebrate Halloween with Brooklyn! It is the perfect way to end all of our warm fall festivities. We took every chance we could to get her dressed up and collect candy. 

Aunt Nicole and Uncle Brandon invited us to their ward Trunk or Treat. The whole family went and it was so fun to see all the cousins dressed up. I wish we would have taken a big picture. Brooklyn went as a duck for this party. Grandma took her around during the parade and she loved the kids and music. In the picture she is clapping and yelling with pure joy!

We also had our ward Halloween carnival. We continued in our duck costume and everyone thought she was pretty cute!
 She really wanted to play the witch hat ring toss. She ended up just stealing the glow necklace from them so they couldn't play either.

Next we had Grandma's work trunk or treat! Brooklyn went as a ladybug this time. She had so much fun going to each trunk and collecting candy. Her favorite was a trunk full of pumpkins and another one that just had kids with music. Grandma even let her have a couple licks of a sucker!
 We decided to paint our pumpkins this year. I decided to not care about the mess and just let her have some fun. I'm so glad we did. She loved painting her pumpkin. It wasn't until the end when she stuck her fingers in her mouth and I freaked out!

She is the cutest messy baby!
Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween was full of fun! Brooklyn came to work with me in the morning to walk in the parade with the kids. Everyone thought she was so funny as she bobbed her head to the music and waved hi. We stayed for a few minutes of the class party, but then headed home for her nap. Later I took Brooklyn trick or treating to a few houses in the neighborhood while Mark stayed home and passed out candy to all of the kids. 

Holidays are so much more fun with her!

Brooklyn also turned 9 months! Time is flying by. We had our doctor's appointment and I was anxious to see her actual weight. She is only 14 lbs 14 oz. I was hoping she would be a little bit more, but that is okay. She is my petite little girl. The doctor wasn't too worried because she is doing so well eating solids and is developing right on track. She may be in the 1% in weight, but she is full of personality. She is very sassy and knows what she wants. She is going through a mama stage right now and hates to be dropped off at the babysitter (even though she is fine 2 minutes later). She is crawling EVERY WHERE and pulling herself up to stand all the time. We are working on walking with her walker and taking big girl steps. She is still great at giving kisses and just learned how to high five. We sure do love our baby girl!

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