Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November with the Urrys

November seemed to fly by. We had such a wonderful Halloween and the next thing we knew it was Thanksgiving. We enjoyed an extra warm November for Utah and couldn't have been more thrilled. We enjoyed a fun Thanksgiving with family in Utah as well. It has been so fun to share holidays with Brooklyn even though she doesn't understand what is going on. Her favorite part is the eating of good food!

I am loving teaching part time. It makes it so my schedule is a little more flexible. My partner and I have switched off a couple of days so I've had a few days off mid week. One day I surprised Brooklyn with a trip to the zoo! She LOVES animals and had so much fun when we went this summer. She loved it this time as well. I couldn't believe how lucky we got with the warm weather too. We had the zoo pretty much to ourselves and a few other mommies. It of course snowed the next week so I'm so glad we went!

 We were trying to get a few fall pictures of the family. Mark's Dad came over and took a few for us.
 This girl wanted nothing to do with pictures. Mostly because that meant she had to be held and couldn't just do whatever she wanted. Of course on the way back to the car she decided to give us this...
 I love this little family of mine!

 She really is the best little sleeper. I'm one of those moms that loves to sneak in at night and just watch her.

 Sometimes I cave and just let her snuggle on me until she falls asleep for her nap.
 10 month pictures with Daddy!
 She seriously hated every minute of these pictures. She would rather do anything, but lay on her back. She can't stand it. We really wanted a picture of her on her blanket though so we did everything we could to get at least a few smiles out of her.

Some of the Urry family decided to all get together and have a Thanksgiving at our ward building. Mark and I did the set up and decor and everyone else brought the food! It was awesome. We love spending time with cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

 Hoppes tradition is the baby gets the turkey leg! She didn't really eat it, but she ate EVERYTHING else! She is a huge fan of Thanksgiving dinner.
 We took these pictures before dinner and she was just too cute! She had no idea what to expect with Thanksgiving, but she knew to be happy about it!

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