Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Favorites

We have had some pretty great weather lately. It's been so nice to be outside and doing the things we like to do. Brooklyn is making all our fall favorites even better. 

She is a pretty great shopping buddy!
 We went and picked some grapes at Grandma's house. B was thrilled!
 We have a new nephew! Jace was born in August and we NEEDED to go to California to meet him. We made a super quick weekend trip to see him and the rest of the family. We always love our time in California, but wished it didn't take so long to get there! Brooklyn is getting a little harder to entertain for 10 hours in the car. 

We visited grandma at her library. Brooklyn loves books, grandma, and kids so a trip to her library was pretty perfect. I love that she is sitting up like a big girl with all the other kids.
 Jace and Brooklyn...exactly 7 months apart.
 Parker LOVES Brooklyn. He calls her, sends pictures, etc. He always says hi to Brooklyn first and tells her he loves her. It was so fun to see them really playing together. They played like this for an hour. I love that Parker gives her so much love.
 So much baby goodness! We seriously love getting to see these guys.
 I was sick of the house, it was a tiny bit chilly, but we decided to go for a walk anyways. B was so sure about me bundling her up. We are going to have to get use to this hat and blanket thing.

 Sometimes I'm a sucker and let her take naps on me.
 Since my birthday was on a Monday this year we decided to celebrate early. I told Mark that all I wanted was good family time. We had the best weekend! We went to Boondocks to play mini golf, play in the arcade, and win prizes!
 Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. I have always loved going to the pumpkin patch. I think it's because I have so many great memories as a kid celebrating with my family and picking out our own pumpkins. I've been looking forward to taking Brooklyn since she was in my belly. It was so fun to share this tradition with her.
 My two loves!
Sunday we went for a nice family walk. This girl crack me up. She always wants her feet up.
 Monday I turned the big 33! WOW! This was from our celebration in California, but Mark did a great job of spoiling me. I got a beautiful necklace, dinner, and my favorite birthday cake...cheesecake!
 B loves bath time!
 I have every other Friday off so this Friday we decided to go to Gardner Village to see the witches. I love how everything is decorated and so did Brooklyn. Minus the nice witch that scared her we had a great time. I can't wait to celebrate next year when she can see even more!
 It was Daddy's choice this Saturday. He took us to the reptile expo! Brooklyn loves animals and really loves her pet snakes. She had a great time looking at everything. We then enjoyed walking around City Creek and just spending time all together.
 She still has fuzzy hair, just more of it. Classic Brooklyn bed head
Mark took Brooklyn's 9 month pictures! She is such a silly girl. I'm so glad we have these every month to document how dang cute she is!
 I was off for fall break so I talked my mom into coming for a visit. She of course couldn't resist coming to see Brooklyn. What we didn't know was that Brooklyn was going to cut her 2nd tooth, get a fever, and a cold. Boy, oh Boy was it a doozie. I felt so bad that we couldn't do all the things we had planned, but my mom still enjoyed getting to hang out with us. Brooklyn loved it too. I even got a date night courtesy of my parents for my birthday. Grandma babysat and paid for dinner. It was nice to get a night away and know that B was getting extra love from Grandma!

 By Sunday her fever was gone, but her teeth were killing her. We had given her medicine, but she wanted to chew on everything. A giant carrot that is cold...done!
By Monday Brooklyn was back to herself and oh so cheery! Thank goodness. I hated seeing my baby so sad and not feeling well. 

My favorite walking buddy! We couldn't resist the 73 degree weather!
We have been practicing our animals! She loves ducks so of course that was the first one we started with. She does a very realistic duck sound. She knows when to say quack quack in our songs and when playing with her duck toys. It's pretty cute.

Since we have 2 pet snakes Mark decided to teach her what the snake says!

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