Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Daily Life

We have a pretty normal schedule right now. I've gone back to work, Mark is off to work and Brooklyn hangs out with friends and family until we get home. We are so grateful to everyone that loves her for us while we are gone. She is in such great hands and I feel so comfortable leaving her while I go back to work. 

Right after Easter half of Mark's side of the family got really sick, including Mark. Of course my mom had just left and I had to go back to work. Half of our planned babysitters were out of the picture too. Mark luckily was okay enough to stay home and watch B. He sent me this cute picture of her watching Daniel Tiger. He said she would just giggle at it the whole time.
 Bath time with Daddy always gets major smiles
 One of my favorite pictures of her. She is mid chatting here and looking so big in her Bumbo
 Baby girl doesn't always love Mama kissing on her!
 Very true...
 DUH... Who else would be the favorite?
 Easily my favorite picture I've taken of her. I just love how blue her eyes look.
 Although she looks bald here, she does have hair. She smiles like this all evening for me. I can't get enough of her.
 I took a few pictures one afternoon with Mark's nice camera. I love how sweet she looks in this shot.
 3 months old! I don't know where the time has gone
 I love those eyelashes!
 My awesome friend Nicci gave Brooklyn this cute Olivia dress and doll. She is finally big enough to fit into it and I think she looks adorable.
 Daddy took some cute pictures of her in the bath. He was singing 5 Little Duckies and she was in heaven.
 B is obsessed with her hands!
 We snuggled on Saturday for our family adventure. Rainy days are best spent snuggling.
 I had a bridal shower on Saturday and I came home to these two taking naps together!
We got our first real laughs out of Brooklyn! It is the cutest thing. She is so ticklish and I love it!

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