Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and California Visitors

We planned Brooklyn's blessing around Spring Break so that my sister and her family, along with my parents could all stay a little bit longer. Plus I had a couple of days off as well! We had a full house, but an awesome time. Brooklyn was constantly being loved on, which made me oh so happy!

Camden told us he was going to be the Baby Whisperer and get this little one to go to sleep. Every nap time he just wanted to hold her and snuggle her to sleep.
 Haddley read to Brooklyn all day long! She would get stuffed animals to match the book and sit and play with her the whole time.
 More nap snuggles
 I got this picture while I was at work. Cami was babysitting and at one point she couldn't find Parker. He had quietly gone into Brooklyn's room to watch her sleep and keep her safe. He is 3 and is NEVER quiet. He had turned his tablet down so that he wouldn't wake her.
 Aunt Cami taking good care of B while I was at work
 Each of the kids brought Brooklyn a present. Parker insisted that Brooklyn needed a Thomas blanket. Cami tried to explain that it was for him, but for Brooklyn. He said that she needed one too. So one afternoon we had them both snuggle up with their Thomas blankets.
 We LOVE Easter! Since everyone was headed home before Easter Sunday we decided to dye eggs a little early. Brooklyn was super cute in her Bumbo the whole time, but had no idea why we were trying to get her to smile while holding an egg.
 One day we met up with some friends down at Temple Square. Mark had taken the day off to spend some time with all of us. It was so quiet on a week day and nice to just enjoy the visitor center and take a tour of the conference center.

 This picture pretty much sums up the whole week. Everyone wanted to help take care of Brooklyn. Parker here is playing a game, but earlier he had been taking pictures on his tablet of the whole bath and making little videos of her. He only liked to help wash her hair.
 The Easter Bunny came early to Utah! He left us a ton of goodies and a special hunt in the backyard. I was so glad Brooklyn got to have her first Easter Egg hunt with her cousins.
 She scored some candy (for mommy), a rubber ducky, bubbles, bows, socks, and Money!
 Daddy helped her hunt for her eggs
 My mom stayed a couple extra days and let us have a date Saturday afternoon. It was nice to get out and see a movie, but I did keep checking my phone because I missed my sweet girl so much!
 My sweet snuggled up baby!
 Easter Sunday we had a family party at the park. Unfortunately it was freezing so Brooklyn had to stay bundled up in her stroller the whole time.
 Earlier in the day we did put her in a cute dress for church. She wasn't in a super smiley mood, but was happy to be kicking her legs.
 Utah Spring = Snow and warm cozy clothes

We also got great news about Brooklyn's hips. We had another ultrasound and doctors visit. He was very pleased with the progress she is making. Her hip that was the worst is actually doing better than her other hip now. The brace was a smart option for us. I'm so glad we did it. Now she gets to kick all day long and just wear it at night. That should only be for about another month as more of a precaution. Then we will just keep doing follow up appointments to make sure it is still right on track! This was a huge blessing for us in so many ways. We love seeing her be able to kick and show her personality through her wiggles. I was also worried about sending her to different babysitters with the brace still on. I didn't want any of them to be nervous about changing diapers, holding her, or taking it off and on if she had a blow out. Now we don't have to deal with any of that and I couldn't be more grateful!

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