Thursday, May 15, 2014

Riverton Elementary Bridal Shower

I LOVE where I work. Riverton Elementary is seriously amazing. There are currently 3 brides at our school so our sweet teams decided to throw us a little shower. We are getting married in May, June, and July so yesterday was a perfect day to fit in a fun shower!

The Brides
Brittany is a BYU Intern this year. McCall is our speech gal. McCall and I use to be in the same singles ward too!
 Presents! Everyone was so generous and creative! I loved everything I got!
 It's almost like they knew these are my favorite!
 Plinko! We had to answer questions depending on where it landed. I got put on the spot and had to share my love story, tell future baby names, and even my favorite place to kiss!

Because I am so lucky and get to have a few different showers, I wanted a way to bring them together. I decided that I wanted to make a quilt. I asked everyone to bring me a 5 inch square of fabric. It didn't matter the color or pattern. Whatever they wanted to share would be wonderful. I'm hoping in the Fall I can put them together to make a fun memory blanket of this wonderful time of my life.

Some days I feel like the wedding is forever away. This made it feel so much closer and helped get me into celebration mode! Now if only these next two months could fly by!

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