Wednesday, May 28, 2014

California Lovin'

Mark and I decided to make a quick trip to California. Luckily, I was going off track and his boss let him have a couple days off of work. We enjoyed visiting with the family, the amazing weather, a baseball game, and I even had an adorable bridal shower! It was an awesome 5 days and neither one of us wanted to come back. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in July and August for wedding fun!

While the girls headed off to the shower, the boys went to play golf and have lunch at Mike's. I think Camden was most excited to be included in the boys adventure!

 Cami & Allison were the bridal shower hosts!
 They did a fishy themed bridal shower. If you remember Mark and I have a fishy kisses thing and so they kept with that tradition. We had a chocolate fountain, cookies, Swedish fish, goldfish, chocolate molded shells, marshmallow pops, drinks, etc. It all was adorable. I had a wonderful time visiting with friends and family that I don't get to see very often.
 Allison was a genius and decided to have Carrie skype in from CHINA! She was in charge of one of the games. We all had a pretty good laugh.
 My parents took Mark and I to the Giants vs. Cubs baseball game on Monday. Mark is a huge Cubs fan so he was pretty excited. It was a beautiful day in the bay. The Cubs won which made Mark one happy camper! 

We had a blast! The kids love when we (Mark) comes home. They can't get enough of jumping on him and playing games with him. I'm lucky that my family loves him as much as I do!

45 Days and counting!

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