Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I'm happy! My life seems to be pretty great right now. In no way is it perfect, but I catch myself smiling and being oh so grateful on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure being in love, planning a wedding, and spending most evenings with Mark sure does help that. 

You know how people always say don't settle! Well, my friends they aren't lying. If I can give one piece of advice, it would be just that. I look back on my past relationships and I realize why they never worked out. They were not the men that I needed to spend my life with. I'm so grateful that Mark is the man I need to spend eternity with!

Growing up with a Dad who coached was a lot of fun. I always wanted to marry a coach. I love watching Mark with his players. He is so fun, caring, and helpful.
 He is the best Uncle. My nieces and nephews love him just as much as his love him. It melts my heart to see him play with them and give them lots of love.
 Everyone seems surprised that I go to Mark's games. He doesn't play in them, but it's quality time to just be there. I love sports and we always have so much to talk about after each game. It's been a lot of fun to get to know the players and their parents as well.
 Mark LOVES cars. He does tell me he love me more than cars though, which to him is a big deal. We have spent some time washing cars lately. I love his attention to detail and how helpful he is with it. We laugh a lot during these hours and enjoy just chatting while cleaning.
 He puts up with all my pictures!
 A couple weeks ago I was really sick. 4 days of straight pain and tears. It was awful. I think the only thing that got me through it was Mark. I watched as he took care of me, loved me, was patient and understanding with me. I had one of those, "I chose well" moments. Not all guys will spend ALL day just laying next to you making sure you are okay.

 We try and go on a date night at least once a week. We love that quality time together. I got a great deal to visit the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake. We both love to be a little nerdy and learn about things together.
 We are on the hunt for a dining room table. This led us to Friday Date Night at RC Wiley. It also meant that Mark loved the entertainment section. We made homemade pizzas afterwards and watched a redbox. Another piece of advice... Date night can be CHEAP! This date cost us $5 and we loved every minute of it.

 I had the day off and couldn't pass up the chance to have lunch with Mark. Afterwards he took me back to work and showed me "the pit" where he spends a lot of time working on projects. How could we not take these beautiful selfies??

One of my most favorite things about this guy is that he is a big kid! He doesn't let me take myself too seriously and is always up for laughing. I know we will spend our life laughing with each other and I can't wait.

Yes, this post is all about Mark. He makes me happier than I have ever been. 

Counting down the days until I get to be his wife!

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