Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just another Thursday night...

Every Tuesday and Thursday I get to tutor a wonderful 16 year old. Maddy was actually one of my favorite students from my first year of teaching. I had her in 4th grade and now she is all grown up and in High School. It's very scary to me. I love her though even when she drives me absolutely crazy, which is EVERY Tuesday and Thursday!

Tonight the agenda was:
Biology Worksheets
Biology Project
Math Homework

For the Biology project we had to make a 3-D Animal Cell. I should have paid more attention in Biology class because I have forgotten everything. Thank goodness for GOOGLE! I would be lost without it.
We decided to bake a cake and decorate it with candy to represent the different parts.

Lauren was kind enough to actually bake the cake for us so we could try to get a few math problems done!
Maddy (left) with the finished project and Audrey (right) our little candy eater!
6 hours later and I finally made it home!
I would not do this if I didn't love that girl!
Happy Thursday

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