Sunday, April 16, 2017

Time is flying!!!

I don't where this year has gone! Somehow it's April and I really can't believe it. We have had so much fun the last couple of months. I feel like Brooklyn is growing up so fast. The amount of information she knows just blows my mind!

She can say purple and point it out in her book, loves rocks and dirt, learned to climb on the couch and jump off, loves to call her Papa on the phone, and loves to throw balls. She talks up a storm and has started to try to string words together. I love hearing her tell me stories and read me books. She is the center of our world and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Valentine's Day was a hit this year! She had a fun little party at daycare with her friends. She passed out rubber duckies to each of the kids. We had a fun family dinner that night as well.
 She loves to LOVE! She will give hugs and kisses whenever asked. She is the perfect Valentine!
 Brooklyn has discovered that brushing your teeth is so much fun. If I'm not all the way ready in the morning I just give her her toothbrush and she is happy to just sit and brush, brush, brush her teeth.  She can say brush also!
 Daddy usually does bath night, but it was Mommy's turn. She was pretty excited about it!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Daddy is very lucky to have this crazy haired, rock throwing girl!
My family had spring break and decided to come and visit. Grandma came out a couple of days early. We had beautiful weather so we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. It is now one of our favorite places to visit. Brooklyn went on her first pony ride! She ended up going 3 times because she loved it so much and how do you say no to a 1 year old who wants a pony ride??!!

 Papa drove out with Camden, Haddley, and Parker! Brooklyn since then is a little obsessed with Papa and wants to call him any time she sees a phone.

 At Christmas these two got matching PJs. Grandma thought they should have matching ones for this Spring and Summer too.
 This picture pulls on my heart strings. These two are so sweet together and really bonded this trip. Haddley was so good to Brooklyn. I love how Brooklyn is snuggled up and holding on to her. She still talks about "addee" all the time.

One thing almost everyone tells me is Brooklyn has the best personality. I totally agree! She is sweet, goofy, smart, and a little sassy. 
Brooklyn has learned the wonders of CHALK! We are still working on drawing with them and not just throwing them in the bushes and/or holding them against her clothes.
 We had a fun play date with cousins at the farm.
 Our family picnic outside got moved inside due to weather. We finally watched Moana!
 Brooklyn has learned to fold her arms during the prayer. Every night she knows after we read stories that we say a prayer then go to bed. She loves sitting with her arms folded and practices throughout the day.

 Sometimes I forget she is only 15 months because she seems to be such a big girl lately. She learns new tricks and skills constantly and I LOVE IT!
 I had spring break this week and Brooklyn and I took advantage of the good weather. We had lunch with Daddy and then headed to temple square to look at all of the flowers.
 She loves smelling the flowers and finding all of the purple ones. When she wasn't smelling the flowers she was playing in the dirt.
We had a play date with our cousins at the zoo! Brooklyn loved the lions, elephants and seals. 

 Brooklyn absolutely loves her cousin Micah. He is a couple months older than her and plays so well with her. They never fight and always seem to have a good time.
 Easter festivities! Brooklyn dyed her own eggs this year. I would hand her an egg and she would happily drop it into each cup. I love seeing her enjoy the same things that I have enjoyed my whole life.
 We had family date night at the Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful day. We loved smelling all of the tulips and just enjoying the spring weather.
 I'm pretty lucky to be part of this family!
 Easter Sunday
Grandma picked out the cutest dress for Brooklyn. She looked like such a big girl all day.
 She really started getting the hang of find the Easter eggs. I grew up having to hunt for my goodies. We handed Brooklyn her empty basket and she searched the yard for what the Easter Bunny left for her. She got so excited with everything she found. It was so fun to watch her.
We also did a community egg hunt on Saturday. We got together with the Pratt Family and enjoyed a giant family party and egg hunt. 

I see so much of myself in Brooklyn. She had a fun searching for eggs, but was happy to just play in the dirt and look for rocks afterwards. She is loves to be around other kids, but sometimes just does what she wants to do. I love that she will get dirty and have fun on her own. Papa joined her to throw a few rocks too.

I wish I could bottle her up in this stage for awhile longer. She is so much fun. She still loves to be with Mama most of the time, but is realizing that Dad is pretty great too. 
Happy 15 months baby girl!

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