Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brooklyn turns 1!!!

I have no idea how a year has passed, but our sweet baby girl is 1! It really happened so fast. I feel like we just brought her home a few days ago. Brooklyn has brought so much joy into our lives. We feel so blessed to be her parents. She cracks us up daily, knows what she wants, tickles toes, is WALKING, loves food (especially fruit), and can say banana, ball, hi, and bye. She waves to everyone she sees and wants to be everyone's friend. If mom is in the room she still prefers her, but she is getting better at branching out a little bit more. She loves kids though and will try to be just like the big kids. She knows her animal sounds for duck, cow, sheep, elephant, and dog. She loves playing with her toys and reading books. If she hears music she starts dancing right away. She is the BEST!

For Brooklyn's birthday we decided to have a duck birthday since she loves them! It was so fun to plan it all out and make it happen. I'm so grateful to my mom who helped with so much of the planning. Grandma & Grandpa as well as Cami and her kids were able to come from California to be here for her party and birthday too! That was such a fun way to celebrate! 

I was so excited that Brooklyn was walking by her party. She made her grand entrance and was just the cutest little birthday girl!
 With the help of my mom, I made both of her cakes. They are for sure not perfect, but my mom made all of my birthday cakes and I'm excited to make all of Brooklyn's!

 We played a few games and had some activities for the kids. Pin the 1 on the duck, Tic-Quack-Toe, Chuck a duck, & Duckorate the cookie. I was so glad everyone had fun playing the games.
 Brooklyn became a pro at opening presents at Christmas so she really got into opening her gifts. She was spoiled!!!
 Hugging her new Margret Tiger doll (Daniel Tiger's sister)
 She was a little unsure about the cake stuff. Everyone was watching her and she was a little nervous about it all.
 I loved that the first thing she did was lick the cake!
She just kept looking at us like what do you guys want me to do??
 She isn't a super messy eater so she was taking her time.
 Daddy tried to give her some and she didn't like her hand dirty.
 Finally trying a bite

 Yeah, that wasn't a good idea! She was done after that one big bite!

Mark took her 12 month pictures of her as well a few days later.

Monday the 16th was her actual birthday. We made her a special pancake and banana breakfast and sang her happy birthday again.
 We have a 1 year old!!!
 Grandma & Grandpa
 Cami, Camden, Haddley, & Parker
 Since Mommy didn't have work, Brooklyn got to take Daddy to lunch. She also got to try her first ice cream cone!
This picture pretty much sums up our silly girl! Spunky, goofy, beautiful, and absolutely WONDERFUL!

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