Monday, February 15, 2016

Visitors for Valentine's Day!

We were so excited to have Kyle, Jordan, Kassidy, and Jayden come spend the weekend with us. It is a long drive from California and we LOVE that they love us enough to make that trip! It helps that we have a super cute baby to snuggle!
We really wish we lived closer to these 4!
 Jordan did a little photo shoot with Brooklyn. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.
 My little love bug! She usually will smile if you give her kisses!
 I'm not sure how she is already a month old, but on Saturday we celebrated! Hard to believe we have been parents for a month already. It seems like it went by quickly.
 Cousin Kassidy was such a good helper. She LOVED Brooklyn. Oh my goodness. I wish she lived here and would come babysit for me all the time.
 Jayden wasn't too interested in Brooklyn, but it was pretty cute when he held her for the first time. He just kept looking at her and giggling. She would just stare up at him.
 Our sleepy baby enjoyed lots of naps snuggled up with everyone.
 Brooklyn even got bedtime stories one night!
 It's hard to believe that these 2 are now old enough to hold my baby. I remember when they were this size!
We had a great weekend hanging out and loving on Brooklyn!

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