Monday, February 15, 2016

The Brooklyn Show

Brooklyn has taken over our lives, in a good way! She is the center of attention and although that sometimes means less sleep, missed meals, less time snuggling with Mark, it is worth it. It isn't easy though. Everyone tells you that being a new mom is hard, but man, it is HARD! I think the thing that has shocked me the most is how up and down my emotions are. Things that would never bother me or get under my skin now have me in tears. Thank goodness Mark is being very patient. I also have a very loving Mom who lets me text 20 times a day with constant updates and questions. 

Mark and I gave this onesie to his sister Nicole for her birthday 2 months after we had been married. We wanted the family to think we were pregnant. She held on to it and gifted it back to us once we found out we really were pregnant.

Let's talk about how her hair looks SO red here too!

 We titled this, " I'm mad that Grandma left!"
 This little girl is such a funny sleeper! She makes the best faces.
 Brooklyn is a pooper! I was trying to take a cute picture to send to Mark and right in the middle of it all she just pooped, and pooped, and pooped!
 Grandma missed us so much she had to come back! She is a lifesaver! Brooklyn agrees and loves to give her kisses!
 I was really good and didn't shop at all while pregnant. I bought one outfit and this was it! I couldn't resist the little jean dress, with polka dots, and a sweater. I love it on her and am so sad that she is already growing out of it.
 Mark is such a sweet Daddy! He loves to just snuggle up with Brooklyn when he comes home from work. I love the break for a few hours and I love that he is so sweet with her.
 Everyone has a book they love about babies. Everyone has methods they have tried. Me... I can't make up my mind. I feel like I'm a fan of lots of different ways. Then this little one got reflux and I decided that I was just going to do whatever makes her happy. Lucky for me she is a good sleeper and eater so as long as we stick to our schedule for the most part, we have a good day!
 Brooklyn is a wiggly sleeper. She wakes herself up all the time with her crazy arms. We have tried to swaddle her, but she just cries until her arms are out. Once she finally settles down she just looks so calm and peaceful....until she moves 5 minutes later!
 My friend Ashlee has an adorable instagram account where she and her daughter read and review children's books. She asked for some of our favorite books, so Brooklyn and I choose Ribbit! It's all about a pig that wants to be friends with some frogs. He says ribbit, and all the animals think he is crazy. The wise beetle finally tells them that he isn't crazy, that maybe he just wants to be friends. The last page has the pig sitting in the tree with some birds saying "Tweet!"
 We watched the Super Bowl over at the Urry's this year. It was nice to hang out, eat, chat about babies, and watch the game.  Brooklyn and Holly are exactly 1 week apart! We love that they will always have each other as buddies.
 One morning I fed Brooklyn in my bed while watching Project Runway. I try to keep myself busy while I feed her otherwise I go a little crazy just sitting and sitting. That day she fell asleep looking so serious. She cracks me up.

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