Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Surprises

Since I was gone most of December, Mark and I decided to do Christmas once I got back. I maybe couldn't wait though. While he was in California I decided to just give him his present. I decided over Thanksgiving to make a quilt for Mark. My mom of course got roped into helping me. Thank goodness for moms. I loved how it turned out and Mark was so surprised.
Mark and I have a joke about fishy kisses. You'll notice that we both stuck with that theme although we didn't know the other one was doing something with that as well.

Mark out did himself for my gift. He was so good about keeping it a surprise for me. The only clue I got was BLUE. I have never felt so loved. The night I flew in he went over to my house and set up my kitchen table for a fun dessert night. He bought me white roses, framed a picture of us, had sparkling cider, and ice cream! He sure knows how to make a girl feel special. He handed me the sweetest card and a BLUE Tiffany's box. WHAT???? Yeah...I was in shock. I opened it and the most beautiful necklace was sitting inside. It is an amazing fishy. I love it because it's exactly the type of thing I would wear. It is a fish, but doesn't look like a fish. It was the PERFECT gift. If you hear the back story behind what he had to do to get the necklace your heart would melt. I seriously couldn't be any luckier. Easily my favorite Christmas gift I have ever received. 

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