Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mark comes to California

 Mark decided to come visit in California since I was going to be gone for 3 weeks. It was so nice to have him here and have him meet my family.
Since Mark was getting in really late Friday night, my Dad and brother offered to come with me to pick him up. My Dad spent a couple of days trying to figure out the best way to welcome Mark.
Pretty sure they nailed it!
Saturday we decided to walk around Petaluma so I could show off our cute little town. We met up
with Cami and her family Mi Pueblo for lunch, which of course was tasty!
Saturday night we had the Hoppes family party with my Aunt's family. We LOVE going to see them because they always do such a good job at planning, cooking, and entertaining!
Every year the men do a skit. Mark joined in on the fun and being the new guy he took a pie to the face. Lucky for me he likes me enough to do that and keep smiling! Such a good sport!
Sunday we went to church and then we headed into the city. Mark has never been to San Francisco so I was excited for us to go. It was a beautiful day! It was 60 degrees in the city and not a cloud in sight. I can't remember the last time I was hot in SF!
We had a blast being tourists and seeing the usual sights! Next time we will have to see a few more things deeper into the city!
Later that night Mark was given a Nothin' But Net t-shirt! That is a big deal in our family!
Jayden was excited to be matching Mark!
Monday meant relax and be lazy! We hung out in the morning with the family and then took Camden and Haddley to get ice cream. Camden and I always get dip top cones when I'm home so we thought we should take Mark there.
 Afterwards we hit the park and of course Mark was a huge hit there too!
 Tired after a busy weekend, but still smiling!
We had a blast enjoying California together!

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