Monday, August 12, 2013

A House in Utah

After living in Utah for 8 years I decided to make it my permanent residence (for now)! It was a major decision, but has felt like the right one the whole time. I decided to build a house and call Utah home. 

I fell in love with the model home and no matter what else I saw I just could only see myself living in that house. Lucky for me I was able to make it a reality!
Home Fitting Center and model home!
 My very expensive pile of dirt and street sign!
 The first sign of an actual house...
 Suddenly it really became a house!
 Windows started to make it feel real...
 Kim Painter took this for me while I was on vacation!
 By the time I got back to Utah they had almost finished!
 The Kitchen finally got done! 
(Easily my favorite room of the house!)
 I signed the papers on August 8th and got the keys August 9th!
 It's becoming a home!
 She is all mine and I love her!
 A huge thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me through this process! I was cranky, anxious, nauseous, overly excited, overly sad, etc. 

Thank you to:
My awesome realtor: Matt Scott
My parents who were here for buying day and signing day!
Ryan, my awesome brother in law who sat by the mailbox to deposit my check! 
Cami, Camden, Haddley, and Parker for being excited for me, but still wishing I lived in Cali!
Kyle, Jordan, Kassidy, and Jayden for helping me move!
Amanda and her Dad for helping me move and bringing rope!
The Painter's for letting me borrow their truck!

I'm so excited to really start working on the house! I can't wait to paint, decorate, etc. Luckily I go off track in September so I'll have a little time to get it all done!

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