Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Missing Mail Key

I live in a great 6 bedroom house! This also means there are 6 people living in this house...overwhelming at times. For the most part all has gone pretty smoothly with living in this house. No real major problems except for the neighborhood kids thinking it's fun to slash tires, flood our basement and break into our car (yes...all have happened and I live in Daybreak with at least 4 cops living around the corner.) 

Well recently our front door has been VERY difficult to lock. I'm surprised with how much we have left it unlocked that we haven't been robbed! It's that difficult. Then I went on vacation to sunny California. When I got back our mail key (we use to have we have 1) went missing and the back door suddenly wouldn't unlock. WEIRD! Well we haven't been able to check our mail in a month because we can't find the mail key and it's a long process to get a new key. Aka I need my rental contract and they won't email me a copy. 

Megan, my lovely roommate decided to try and fix the back door. While doing so she figured out that there was something GOLD stuck in the backdoor.... hmmm... GOLD??? Yes that would be our MAIL KEY STUCK IN THE BACK DOOR!!!! In case you were wondering, no your mail key doesn't work in your back door. The key was forced in there and then broken off. PERFECT! Megan being the handy lady she is youtubed some videos on how to get the key out. Well we tried luck and actually broke the lock even more.... but we tried! Oh and in this process we decided to spray WD40 on the front lock and like magic it now works! 

Yesterday Megan and I went to Home Depot to get a new lock. We were worried that we might have to get a new key and then we would have to tell the landlord and really we are trying to avoid that at all costs. Well thank you Home Depot for having a special lock that you can just use your original house key on! WHOOT WHOOT! A little Christmas Miracle for us. Well we finally got home and started the process. We put it on wrong. Unscrewed it all. Put it all on again...put it on wrong again! Unscrewed it all and put it on AGAIN! Third time is the charm! Now we have a beautiful new lock with NO MAIL KEY STUCK IN IT! 

The funny part about all of this.... Megan and I did NOT put the mail key in the back door, nor did we break it off in the back door! No one yet will step forward and admit that they have done it so for now Megan and I have flipped the bill on this one. Oh the joys of living in a house with 6 people! The great news is that Megan and I are now Champs at locks and could start a side business!

Lock with key in it. Trying to get it out with a special tool. Took the lock off and still trying at it. New lock. Third time! FINISHED!


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