Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sometimes you just need HOME!

I was having a rough day a couple weeks ago and I called my mom crying saying I just wanted to come home. I quickly booked a ticket home for a few days. It was much needed! I was so happy to just spend time with my family. They all took very good care of me and I felt much better by the time I left. 
My first stop of course was to see these 3!
 Parker decided he liked me! FINALLY! He never will take a bottle or snuggle with me. Well no one else was around so he really had no choice! We got in two naps together that day.
 Haddley had her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put into her ears. She was so good about it all. I would have been complaining for days, but here she is day two being a silly monkey. He said her mouth hurt and she needed a band aide!
 By that afternoon she was skateboarding in the hallway!
 I got to spend lots of time being Auntie which is always my favorite part of going home. Cami can always use the help and I sure do love those kids. I took Camden to a friend's birthday party and learned very quickly that 6 year olds in a small space are SCARY! 

Mom, Dad, and I had date night to go see The Fast and the Furious! Who doesn't love Sexy Paul Walker and fast cars??? We also went to my favorite restaurant, Sea! The best Thai food ever! Can't get enough of their yellow curry. We also watched Taken 2 and The Impossible. 

Sunday was church time and apparently nap time for this old man! Somethings never change!
It's always never long enough, but it was nice to get to go home and relax. 
Sure lucky to have the family I have! they are so good to me!

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