Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reindeer, Friends & Christmas Lights

I'm starting to get the hang of this Christmas thing this year! I've decided to just enjoy the holiday season. I even let Debbi listen to Christmas music in my car last night! Some friends and I got together last night at Thanksgiving Point to see the lights and experience all that it had to offer. Who knew it had SO much to offer. I loved it! A WONDERFUL Friday night!

After spending a day googling Caribou I realized they are now on my list of Top 5 Favorite animals. Moose being the favorite! I was extremely happy to see that two of Santa's reindeer made it to Thanksgiving Point to see me this year. I really wanted to play with them, but that was frowned upon...?
You can drive through the lights in your own car, but we went with the
heated trolley ride so that we could A) cut in line and B) all be together!
Lauren, Preston, Debbi and Todd
Amanda, Erica, John, and Eric
Aubrey and I
(Aubrey was the only one who had seen the lights. I chose to sit by the expert!)
PHIL! The Trolley driver!
Check out that sweater! He was awesome!
The lights! There are over a million lights along the short drive!
Camden would have loved this one!
Thank you Thanksgiving Point!
Afterwards I had this AMAZING idea to go to JCW's! They have the best shakes!
It really was a much needed awesome night out with friends! I even saw an unexpected friend (Sarah Childs), which is also a nice surprise too. I'm loving celebrating the season. Really excited to keep up the fun times in the weeks to come!

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  1. You saw Sarah?! Yay! I'm glad I get too see you at A.J's (possibly)::)