Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Capes for Christmas

When I'm home Camden and I usually play a lot! We still try to use our imagination and use whatever we have around us to goof off. We tend to tie blankets around our necks and run around flying. The last time I was home it was just too hard to tie the blanket. I realized it was time for Camden to get a real cape!

Camden showing me how to fly! He was so little then!

I found a great pattern on pinterest! The best part is that it was a NO sew cape. As I started thinking about it though I realized that all of the kids should have capes...not just Camden. Once I realized how easy of a project it really was that just made for 3 other easy Christmas presents.

I hope they love them!


  1. The capes are so cute! What a fun aunt you are.

  2. These are adorable!! I thought about trying to make them when you told me about them earlier, but unfortunately it's pretty hard to find felt here... maybe I'll have to pick some up while we're in the States! Great job, Aunt Ashlee - they're gonna love them!! :)