Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peace Out Thanksgiving!

It's Christmas time! I'm not a huge Christmas fan, but I'm starting to really enjoy decorating for the holiday. I really decided to get into it this year and have been prepping for awhile. My bedroom finally looks like a room again and the rest of the house is decorated beautifully if I do say so myself!

Erica put the strings on and I hung the ornaments
Our front porch is so cute! I found these awesome plastic snowflakes at the Dollar Tree and just had to use them. I hung blue lights around the top and then wrapped blue ribbon around the bottom.
Action shot! I was being really careful, but there were a few almost slips!
Amanda wrapped all the presents that were going to be put on the front porch! She is a rockstar!
Our entry way...
The living room
The mantel! I love how it turned out. This picture really doesn't do it justice.
Side Table (Aubrey, my roommate, made the cute things on this table)
The front porch. It's hard to really see everything and see how cute it all is, but trust me it's cute!
I'm really excited to come home and sit by the fire and just enjoy all of the Christmas Greatness that is waiting for me. I'm even happier that the roommates decided to jump in on all of the action!


  1. I LOVE it! Your post made me want to get started on decorating.

  2. your mantel is BEAUTIFUL! and i love those snowflakes you hung. so cute!

  3. Thanks guys! It was super easy. Most of the stuff we have up there year round, and just switch out colors and fillers for the holidays. The wood signs we made along with the wreath. Everything was on sale and done super cheap!!!

  4. cute place! you guys need to come decorate my home for christmas! i have all these ideas, but never get around to it...i blame the little ball of energy for taking up all my time :)